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Foster Care Services Millington MI

New Light Child & Family Institute Foster Care Services

Meet The Program Manager:

Tina Sentell, MSW, LLMSW
Foster Care Program Manager

Tina has almost twenty years of experience helping children and families with foster care. In 2005, Tina officially joined the New Light Team where she began her career with New Light as an Adolescent and Family Counselor. In 2007, Tina co-authored the Foster Care and Certification Program for New Light Child & Family Institute. She has spent the past twelve years developing, managing, and expanding the program.

Our Foster Care Team:

New Light’s Foster Care Team currently also has a Foster Care Supervisor, # Case Managers – 5, # of transporters – 3 and # of Case Aides – 0  who work to support our Foster Homes and the children in our care.

Our Foster Care Program

New Light works in conjunction with DHHS and the Courts to provide case management services to children and adolescents ranging in ages from 0-18 in need of out-of-home placement. We work with many counties across the state of Michigan. We pride ourselves on our dedication to serving our community, years of experience, and desire to give children a home.

Referral and Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about our program, or if you’d like to make a referral, please contact:

Tina Sentell
Phone: (989) 871-6695
Fax: (989) 871-3663

Referrals by DHHS or Private Agency Only

For being the first one it was wonderful! Kids all had a great time . Was wonderful having a safe environment that was kid friendly! Thank you to all the staff!
Mae B.